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My key aim is to help Business Trainers and Business Coaches gain more time, and energy to focus on their delegates. I achieve this by managing the admin processes, whilst arranging their courses.

Over the years, whilst in employment, admin was looked upon as not very important. It was seen as just a boring task that just needs to be done. It was always the first thing that was looked at whenever past businesses were restructuring.

I must say, I totally disagree, admin is important in any business. If it is not maintained, before you know it, you are buried under a pile of paper, trying to claw your way through it. This takes your focus away from whats important – your clients.

As a business owner, it is something you do not have to do yourself. It is however, something that can be easily outsourced to an Admin Professional, such as a Virtual Assistant.

Admin, at times can in fact be exciting too. Especially these days, I take no greater pleasure than watching a client’s business take off to another level. As they now have the time, energy and focus to start realising their dreams.

Virtual Assistant

Based in North Somerset. I have always worked within administrative roles for over twenty years. The industries varied during this time such as Training, Utilities, Printing, Publishing and Retail.

Having worked within many different types of of industry, I know that my skills best match those within the Business Training / Business Coaching industry.

I have been working as a Virtual Assistant, since setting up Blue Orchid VA Services in 2018. I have recently relaunched in 2021, under the business name of My Admin Department. During this time, I have been helping small business owners gain time, focus and energy to grow their business and realise their dreams. Both in business and in their personal life too!!

In March 2020, I attended a Marketing course, following a lightbulb moment during this course, I decided to concentrate on the area that I enjoy helping most and are in synergy with the skills I have, Business Trainers and Business Coaches.

Take a look at my services page to see how I can start helping you today.

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