Helping Business Trainers and Business Coaches gain more time and energy to focus on giving their delegates the best course experience.

By having a Virtual Assistant manage the organisation of your courses for you, this means that you have the time to arrive to present your course, energised and focused. It also means, you are giving your delegates the best course experience possible and the best of you. They will return time and time again or recommend you to others.

As an administrative professional I understand how time consuming the admin processes can take in your business. This can leave you with no time or energy to focus on perfecting your course materials and ensuring that you have the energy to present your course on the day.

This is especially the case if you are an independent trainer/coach or just starting out in your trainer or coach career. You have many other aspects of your business you need to juggle. I can help you put these processes in place so you can focus on what’s important to you.

If you run a small training firm you might have admin staff already. I can step in and help out during busy times or during times of holiday or sickness.

If you are looking for a more cost affective alternative to employing staff, you might want to look at using a freelance administrative professional.

You might ask – why would I want a freelance administrative professional instead of employing someone.

  • No tax or national insurance to pay
  • You only pay for the time used on your tasks
  • You don’t pay for someone to be present in your office all day, as all work is carried out remotely
  • No overheads to pay
  • no holiday or training costs to pay

Need more time?
Need more energy?
Want to focus solely on your delegates?

By focussing all your time and energy on your delegates, you can give them the best course or coaching experience.
To have me manage all the administrative processes on your behalf, all you need to do is supply me with a draft copy of your course materials, and then just turn up to present the course.
Everything in between is taken care of. You get to perfect your course and/or run more of them, thus gaining more revenue in the long term.
Plus, you get your very own Admin Department.

How a Virtual Assistant can help

Spend more time focussing solely on giving your delegates the best course experience

I can give you the exact level of administrative support you need for you and your business, by offering a number of different packages (all of which are fully customisable)
This enables you to focus solely on your delegates. They enjoy their training/coaching experience thus getting more from it meaning they return for future training/coaching, or sending referrals your way.

How I can support clients

Online (Zoom) / Face to Face Courses

During 2020 I helped a number of businesses to continue presenting live courses via Zoom. This has been the closest thing to classroom training during these difficult times.
We all recently received the great news, from the Government, that we should be out of this by June 2021.
I can help you with the Administrative processes required to move your courses back to face to face classroom courses.
If your courses are remaining online, I can help with that too.

Need to move offline courses online?

Emma has completed each project in a professional and efficient manner. She takes the time to understand what is required of her. I live overseas and love the fact I can leave her to work on the tasks whilst I am sleeping and everything is ready for me to start my day when I wake up. I have recommended Emma to all my contacts. She really is a valued member of my team.

Dale Lockyer, Geezair, Australia

Emma has gone out of her way to make sure what we needed was achieved.

Mike Farrelly, European Slate Company Ltd, UK

If you would like to learn more about how I can help you and your training/coaching business, please visit my about page. It gives you an insight into previous experience and my passion for helping business trainers and coaches to achieve their goals.

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