Coaches & Trainers gain more time and energy to focus on giving their clients the best course or coaching experience.

How do I do this? ~ I take on the day to day running of their courses ~ Production of course materials ~ Organise small in person training or coaching sessions ensuring that my client has everything they need ~ Online Conferencing Setup ~ Zoom meeting hosting ~ By having someone else take care of the organising of their courses my clients get more, time and energy to focus on giving their clients the best course or coaching experience. This means their clients get more out of their session and either return for future events or can easily refer them to others therefore growing their business. ~ I offer fully customisable packages ~ To book a Zoom call with me to see how I can help you in your Coaching or Training business today, click the link for a Free Review Call.

Sue Jenkins

Sue Jenkins

"I urgently needed someone to help with hosting a Zoom session. I was introduced to Emma through a mutual contact. Emma stepped in and saved the day!! Fabulous service and fully intend on having her host for future events."

Bob Thomas

Bob Thomas

"Emma has done an excellent job producing all my training manuals and workbooks. She typed them up beautifully sent me the proof and arranged the printing in house. A fully professional job from start to finish. She comes fully recommended."

Jill Smith

Jill Smith

"I needed someone to help me organise my in-person training sessions. Emma made all the arrangements. Completed the booking form, liased with the Venue. Making sure the venue had all I needed for a successfull training session. I will use her again."

I understand how time consuming the admin processes can take in your Coaching/Training business. This can leave you with no time or energy to focus on perfecting your course materials and more importantly giving your clients the full attention they deserve.

Who I help

Independent Trainer/Coach

As an independent Trainer / Coach you will be trying to do most things yourself not only your business admin but the admin for running your courses too. I help with the organising of your course so you can perfect the message you are trying to teach. You will also be able to look after your clients better. If they feel valued they will take in your message easier and get more out of your course or coaching sessions. They will return for future events or feel happier about referring you to others.

How a Virtual Assistant can help

Small Training / Coaching Businesses

If you run a small training firm you might have admin staff already. However, what happens when they are off Sick or on holiday.
I can step in during these times so that you don’t have a break in service. You still get your courses organised. Your Staff don’t come back from holiday to a pile of work.

Need to move offline courses online?

Trainer/Coach Start-up

If you are a newly qualified trainer / coach and you are just starting out as an independent you may also want to consider early on who you might want to delegate tasks to.

If you use a Virtual Assistant from day one they will not only set up your administrative processes up for you but they will get to know your business almost as well as you.

Small Business Owners

Small business owners sometimes offer training to their clients so that they themselves can carry out the service they offer. But, the arranging of this training all takes time. This takes you away from helping your clients. This is where I can help, I can arrange this training for you and you won’t need take time away from what’s important to you.


No tax or national insurance to pay.
You only pay for the time used on your tasks.
You don’t pay for someone to be present in your office all day, as all work is carried out remotely.
No overheads to pay.
No holiday or training costs to pay.

If you would like to learn more about how I can help you and your training/coaching business, please visit my about page. It gives you an insight into previous experience and my passion for helping trainers and coaches to achieve their goals.