Proofreading & editing

Having a document proofread and edited, it removes any errors from the document you have been working on.

A proofreader will normally look for any spelling mistakes and any grammatical issues. They will also format your document to ensure that everything is where it should be in your document.

Proofreading and editing means that you have a fully polished document ready to send as a proof to be printed. 

Once completed the document will be returned to you. If you have taken out our printing service you will also receive a print approval form.

What you can expect

  1. By proofreading and editing your document, this completely removes any errors from your course materials 
  2. Professional editing saves you time and effort 
  3. It can ensure that your document is showing professionalism throughout your document 
  4. You can feel safe in the knowledge that your course materials will be formatted correctly. 

Your Quote

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