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You have completed your course or coaching sessions, but you have no idea how it was taken, whether your clients enjoyed it.  How informative it was.  How much of the information they took in. Whether they would attend future training or coaching sessions with you. What better way to find out but with a Feedback form. 

There are many questions you will want answers to and the best way to do that is to have a follow-up feedback form. 

You can have a feedback form produced with all the questions you want answered following your course or coaching session to get a real insight into the thoughts and feelings your clients had about your event.  

I will meet with you to see what is important to you that you want to know about your session.  I will then produce the Feedback form using Google forms.  Prior to sending this out you will have a chance to see the draft.   

Each of your clients who attended the course or coaching sessions will be emailed the form to complete.  The results will be collated, and a report will be forwarded to you. These results should show you what areas of your course you may need to tweak to ensure your clients have a better course experience in future. 

What you can expect

  1. Feedback form design via Google Forms
  2. You will get to see exactly how your clients felt about your course or coaching sessions
  3. Clients emailed the form within 24 hours of completing the course
  4. The results will be produced in a report
  5. You can use the results to improve your future sessions.

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Feedback form
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