Event Checklist

Have you ever turned up at a venue to carry out some training only to find that they have not supplied you with everything you need to run your event.  Supply the venue with an Event Checklist to avoid this eventuality.

You and I will have a meeting prior to the event to discuss what you will need the venue to supply for your event. Together we will complete the event checklist, a copy of which will be forwarded to the venue 24 hours prior to the start of your event.

The venue will be asked to complete the checklist on the day of your event or once they have finished setting up. A signed copy will be returned to confirm.  

This means you can arrive knowing that everything you need will be there. Of course, you can bring these items for just in case, but this should help relieve any worries you might have. 

What you can expect

  1. List of items required for the venue to supply for your event
  2. Checklist will be emailed to venue 24 hours to the start of your event
  3. Venue will email the completed list with a signature to say everything requested is there, on the morning or within 24 hours prior to commencement of your event
  4. Stress free event knowing everything the venue has agreed to supply will be there.

Your Quote

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Event Checklist
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