Email Management

How long does it take you to respond to emails each day? 

I would guess quite some time, time you could be using for things far more important.

You could get some of that time back.

For you to receive the best help possible, you and I will have a meeting prior to working together. We will discuss the Email Management system. We will work out whether there are any questions that come up all the time. Some standard response emails will be set up. To best help you and so as not to disturb you, these standard response emails will be sent out in response to your client’s queries. 

There will be times when a client emails in and their enquiry needs further investigation. Especially when there is no standard response for it. The query will be investigated. The response added to the portfolio, for standard responses. Once the standard responses start to grow, the interruptions will be less often. This will mean you can concentrate more on your clients.

So, to start think about the emails you receive that are asking the same thing and you have to send out the same response all the time how many emails you receive.

Pre/Post Course emails

Pre Course Session Emails are sent out to your clients prior to the start of the course or coaching sessions welcoming them and letting them know the arrangements and where they need to be for your sessions.

Post Course Emails are sent out to your clients summarising the day and letting them know how else you will be able to help them.

What you can expect 

  1. All course related emails responded to within 24-48 hours.
  2. Save you time.
  3. Standard responses set-up to handle the most asked questions.
  4. Your clients can receive Pre and Post course emails to supply them with important information about your session.
  5. You have more time to devote to more important tasks.

Your Quote

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