10 steps to moving your course online

  1. Check your materials are Zoom ready

    Check the training materials you currently have could just as easily be presented online, using a conferencing system, such as Zoom. Make any tweaks to the material required. The great thing about Zoom is that you can either present in conference mode (where the other participants can see you). Or you can screen share any slides you might have to show if you have a Powerpoint presentation

  2. Consider a date

    Consider a date for the first session and work out how long the preparations might take.

  3. Open a Zoom account

    Open an account with Zoom if you have not already got one. There is a free version available but there are a number of paid plans available if the free one does not fulfil your needs. Pick a date and time. Set up the meeting within the Zoom program, following the onscreen prompts.

  4. Let your delegates know the course has been moved online

    If you already had delegates waiting to start a course in a classroom setting, get in touch with each of them, to let them know the course they were due to attend has now been moved online. Let them know they will each receive and invite from you shortly, with a link to join the training on the course date and time.

  5. Only a week to go

    Approximately, a week before the training, email the course materials to most of the delegates in plenty of time prior to the start of the course. Print off and post out any training materials to any of the delegates who are unable to print them.

  6. Confirm with delegates receipt of course materials

    4 days before the course starts email all the delegates and request they confirm they have recieved either the email or the hard copy of the course materials.

  7. Email/Text reminder

    Send an email or text reminder the night before as you are bound to have more no-shows if you don’t

  8. On the Big Day!!

    On the day of the course, log in to the meeting early.

  9. Let someone else help you on the day

    Due to the new security measures Zoom have put in place a system where delegates are now put straight into a waiting room. This means you have to allow each person into the room. I would advise you have someone else do this for you. If you have late arrivals this will distract you and break your concentration on the presentation. Make sure they have a list of all the attendee’s.

  10. Relax!! you have got there

    Present your course and enjoy.

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