I share some tips on how to find your perfect VA.

So, you have built your business from scratch, from nothing from zilch. It is your baby. You have worn all the different hats along the way, marketer, sales person, owner, bookkeeper, web designer, social media guru, admin manager. You have used blood sweat and tears to get your business to where it is today.

You are at a stage in your business though, that to grow, you need to start delegating some tasks, otherwise you will stay where you are currently, still working more on your business, than in it. Realising, also you will burn yourself out if you carry on in the way you are doing things right now. You are however, really nervous about passing any part of your business over.

A Virtual Assistant is an admin professional, and most are passionate about the Virtual Assistant Industry. They understand how hard it is for some business owners to let go. They will have processes in place to help you through this period and to make the move to delegating work easier. They might even allow you to only give them a couple of tasks initially to try, with a view to taking more tasks off your hands, as the trust in the relationship grows. Otherwise, they might just offer a probationary period where you will only take their services for an agreed time, normally three months.

It is always best to do your homework. All Virtual Assistants come with their own set of skills, one might have social media, another marketing or maybe organisation skills. You will most likely want someone with similar values too.

Don’t be put off by a Virtual Assistant who has chosen a different niche to yours. Some do niche to a certain market but others promote themselves as general VA’s. If they have the skills and values you are looking for just get in touch. It might just be if they have a niche, they have not considered your market to be a good fit for them. By working with you it will open them up to a whole new market when they see it works.

Write a Job Description, just as much as for you, as for the VA position. It means you will remain clear on the tasks you need completing and the values you are looking for. This will make your life much easier during your research and on the search for your perfect Virtual Assistant.

First place to start is to look at any Virtual Assistants you have met through Networking. This is the easiest place as:-

  1. You already both have something in common, you have opted for the same Networking group, probably for similar reasons. You will have potentially met them before, or at least be able to get some feedback from others within the network who may know them, or even better still, may have worked with them.
  2. Take a look through your social media contacts – If you are on LinkedIn, this is a good place to start here (many Virtual Assistants hang out here). Take a look at the profiles of your (1st) connections as there will have been a good reason you connected with them in the first place, right? Once you have worked through your first connections you could take a look at the 2nd and 3rd connections, asking your 1st connections for an introduction.
  • Check through their profiles and website, if they look like the sort of person you could work with, with the right skills and values, then get in touch. Just send them a friendly invite to have a chat about the role. Don’t forget this is just an invite for a chat at this stage.
  • By checking potential applicants profiles and contacting them directly it saves advertising a position and ending up with a lot of Virtual Assistants seeing a role on offer who just jump on it because they see £ signs. You end up having to go through all these unsuitable applications from people who do not have the skills and values you are looking for.
  • The direct approach means you are always in control over who you invite for a chat about the role. I believe anyone who is already a 1st connection would be flattered if you contacted them directly about having a chat about an opportunity. This chat gives both you and the Virtual Assistant a change to get to know each other better and to see whether you are both a good fit for each other.
  • By following this advice I am certain you will find the perfect Virtual Assistant who shares the same values as you and they will also have the right skills for the opportunity you are offering.
  • Happy searching!!

If you would like to find out a little more about whether Blue Orchid VA Services would be a good fit for your business, then you can:-

  1. Visit my website. www.blueorchidvaservices.co.uk.
  2. Book in for the Free 30 minute Discovery call (Chat).

Free 30 Minute Discovery Call (Chat)

If you are not yet ready to take the above steps then you can read my blog:

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