How a Virtual Assistant can give you the time and energy you need to focus on just that.

So, you have come up with a great idea for a course, for example all about Marketing.

You brainstorm some ideas, deciding on the message you want to convey and to teach your audience. You draft your course materials. Next you decide that you want to teach this online but don’t know where to start as you have never taught online before. You know you do not want to just post the course onto a powerpoint and have people learn on their own you want it to be as close to a classroom lecture as possible.You feel that your delegates will have a better experience if they can ask questions there and then during the lesson.

You take one look at the long to-do-list and all the tasks you need to complete to get this course up and running and break out into a cold sweat!! There is alot to do, from dealing with enquiries from delegates, invoicing for course payments, ensuring all the delegates have all the information they need about the course at the right time, typing up of the course materials, proofreading and mailing out the course materials, setting up the Zoom account, sending out invites to all the delegates for the course, the list just goes on and on.

You know you have produced the course materials and the last thing you want to do is have to deal with all that organising when you know you can give the delegates the best course experience if only you were able to concentrate on just that. You know that you hate Admin and most of the time you would procrastinate over it and this would just ZAP any energy you did have. This will mean missed deadlines, and would the course then have to be postponed.

You know you have to find a solution.

You already know you don’t want to get into the realms of employing someone as you have to then get to know employment law, payroll and HR and everything else that comes with having an employee. Yuck!!

But, how else will you solve this?

You have heard of Virtual Assistants. But, but they hadn’t really been on your radar, before now.

‘A Virtual Assistant is an Admin Professional who has either worked as a Personal Assistant or an Administrative Assistant for a number of years. They are passionate about Admin and know how important Admin is to a business. They know that Admin is a job that needs to be done but is usually put off by many’ You seem to recall hearing once at a networking group you attend.

You look up a few of the Virtual Assistants in your network and start searching LinkedIn and realise you are connected to a few on there. You get in touch with each of them and exchange a number of messages to find out a little about what services each of them offers and the values they hold dear. You soon realise they all have very different skills. Your job is not going to be easy.

Luckily, there is one, out of the ones you have chosen to speak with who appear to have the skills you are after and she seems to hold similar values to you too. You take the discussion offline and continue to speak with her further, at great length. You are impressed by how much interest she shows in your business and many questions she asks you about your business, your company values. She has shown a great passion for helping you in your business.

You decide to work together, (it is just as much her decision as it is yours as this is a business relationship, afterall). You sort out the paperwork between you.

She lets you know her terms and what she needs from you to supply her to enable her to give you a great service. Once that is completed, you run through with her what you need her to complete and she goes away and works out a process for this so as not to miss and important stages in the organisation of your course.

She completes all that is asked of her in a timely fashion, doing everything in an efficient and professional manner.

All you have needed to worry about is ensuring the course materials you produced were engaging and informative and at the best they could be, drawing on your expertise.

The first day of the course arrives. You feel relaxed, happy and refreshed because everything has been organised and you have been given the time to ensure the course materials are exactly as you would want them to be. You present your course with the confidence and energy you know it deserves. You are pleased you have only had to concentrate on your delegates and supplying them with the best course experience.

This shows in the feedback you receive from delegates at the end of the course and this makes you extremely happy, They have confirmed they have got so much out of it and they will definitely be recommending the course to others due to the attention you were able to give each and every one of them.

As time goes by you realise your delegates have stood by their word and your gain many extra enquiries. By handing the responsibility of the organisation of the courses over to someone else has meant that you have been able to grow your business and acheive the goals you set yourself and your business.

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